Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Think Rental Cars is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information under the Data Protection Laws and thus takes great care to ensure the safety and privacy of any personal or non-personal data, collected from you.

The below-given Privacy Policy dictates how we use your personal and non-personal data and the measures Think Rental Cars (hereinafter mentioned as 'we') take to secure the data shared with us. This policy also describes your rights in relation to the data shared by you and collected by us.

We do our best to protect, secure and control the misuse of your personal information shared with us. Any information collected by us is used solely to enhance and customize your experience, to improve customer service, to market relevant products and to communicate regarding your booking and related modifications.

Please read the given Privacy Policy to understand personal data collection and how it is used.

Booking Information

To make a booking with us, we require your personal data including your Full Name (First Name & Last Name), E-mail Address, Country of Residence, Driver’s Age, contact number, IP Address, as well as credit/debit card details along with its expiry date and CVV. As a car rental booking agent, Think Rental Cars passes your given booking details and information to your selected car rental supplier.

Your email address and contact number are used to send you the booking voucher, handle booking-related issues, and contact you on other matters related to your car rental booking.

Use of Personal Information

All the personal information collected is secured and used for the following purposes:

  • To complete, monitor and coordinate with the supplier for your booking(s).
  • To get in touch with you for a service review or feedback on the service provided.
  • To provide better support by helping you make changes in the booking, getting back to your support-related requests, etc.
  • To inform you the booking statuses like unavailability of certain car or a payment failure or to offer an upgrade.
  • To analyze our services and to monitor communication between our customer support team and you.

Source of Data Collection

  • Customer/Renter

    We collect data from you (the customer or a renter), while using the website/app or shared while making a car rental booking, for example filling out the contact form or accepting browser cookies.

  • Affiliate & Business Partners

    We may also receive your information from sources other than you, this includes but is not limited to affiliate partners, business partners, independent third parties as well as our subsidiaries, or other companies associated with Think Rental Cars.

    Think Rental Cars is associated and affiliated with rental car providers as well as numerous business partners, who work in capacity to promote or advertise Think Rental Cars and its services. Anytime you (the renter) book a car using a partner site or app, the data entered by you on that portal gets shared with us as well. We suggest you to read the terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy of such third parties.

  • Complaints

    Other sources of information may include compliance or complaint cases where you or your rental provider shares a complaint.

Third Party Disclosure

Apart from your car rental provider/supplier, we may also share your data with business partners we work with. Only a limited and necessary amount of information/data is shared, as required to provide the rental services or to perform the related tasks. Our third-party data controller uses the information for performing its services and will not share it without any consent from us. These parties controlling the data shared due to their contract with us, are under written obligation to protect your information from misuse.

We are also obligated to share or pass your data when, and if, required by the law.

Data Processing Period

The data processing period in each case is often the timeframe during which the service is provided to the customer by us or up to the completion of the rental. This data processing timeframe could also be extended in certain cases, where we are required the stored data to safeguard our rights and interests when faced with certain claims or complaints made against Think Rental Cars.

Transactional Data can and will use the transactional data, such as payment details for the following purposes:

  • To block or hold or collect the available funds/payment (which could include from booking amount, prepayment, security fee, etc) until confirmation of the car rental booking.
  • To block or hold car rental charges on behalf of the supplier or the car rental provider, based on a predefined or existing agreement between the customer/renter and the rental company.
  • To collect or take funds/payment in cases where the car rental price has been increased post booking confirmation (for example, when the renter is provided with an upgrade or a higher class vehicle).
  • To collect additional charges like no show fee on the behalf of the rental provider if, and when, the customer/renter fails to timely pick up the booked rental car in accordance with the terms mentioned.


Cookies are text files sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. You can always activate or deactivate the cookies in the browser settings to stop the storage of the cookie data.

To serve you with better service, Think Rental Cars makes limited use of cookies. These cookies store basic information that helps us to provide you a better as well as user-friendly experience.

While some cookies are deleted automatically as you end the browsing session, others need to be deleted by you manually or by changing the settings.

Secure Transactions

To secure the collected information, we make use of Secure Socket Layer or SSL technology as a standard process. This technology encrypts all the personal details including credit card information given by you, in such a way that it cannot be misused or read when it is passed on the internet. After the completion of the transaction, your given information is stored on a secured server and not on the computer, to ensure that it is safe and cannot be accessed.

We do not store any credit card details on our website nor do we share any payment transaction details. All payments are 100% secured.

Promotions & Newsletter

To avail information on special offers, new services, and promotions offered by Think Rental Cars, you can subscribe to our emails. You can choose to unsubscribe from this service anytime you wish, by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link given in the emails received by you. We use the services of a data mailing provider to facilitate the dispatch of such promotional updates and e-mails to you.

You hold the right to the consent of data processing. To subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletters and other promotional emails.

Phone Call Tracking

For training and the purpose of improving our services, we track and record phone calls made to us.

Rights of the User/Customer

Think Rental Cars follows Data Protection Laws that govern the use of the data, as well as the rights of the data provider. Here are some of the rights a data provider holds:

  • You have the right to know the data collected the data processing and how it is used, as mentioned in this Privacy Policy document.
  • You hold the right to request for any change or correction in the information provided by you.
  • You hold the right to opt out of any communication, emails, or newsletters at your will. Upon choosing to opt out of commercial emails and newsletters, you do not lose the ability to use Think Rental Cars.
  • You can ask for the deletion of your personal and non-personal data post-completion of the contract with Think Rental Cars and the suppliers.

Customer Consent

By making use of this website you approve the compilation, storage as well as utilization of this information by Think Rental Cars as specified in our Privacy Policy. Think Rental Cars may make amendments to the stated Privacy Policy at any given moment; thus, we recommend you to keep yourself updated on any new Privacy Policy modification(s).

Data Processing Jurisdictions

We hold the right to process your data across all the countries our car rental partners/suppliers are serving. Your data transfer across the jurisdiction and is solely for the purpose of contract implementation with a rental partner.